President’s Message, April 2021


As I write this message the wind is howling at 32 mph and gusting to 45 and it reminds me that those of us who have free standing masted antennas need to properly guy them. My vertical HF antenna is guyed to building bricks which is just enough weight to keep it from whipping in the wind. When it comes time to cut the lawn surrounding the antenna, I simply move the bricks out of the way and place them back in position when finished.

There are many websites available showing various methods of guying and the calculations needed to figure the length of the guys. The ground angle should be 45 degrees which makes the top angle 45 as well and of course the ground angle at the base of the mast is 90 degrees. Basically, it is an Isosceles right triangle, so the Pythagorean theorem applies, A2 + B2 = C2. Side “A” is the horizontal ground leg (The guy anchor point to the base of the mast), “B” is the vertical leg, (Mast) and “C” is the length of the guys (Hypotenuse).

Some people use four anchor points others three. It depends on how much wind load your antenna creates. The higher the load the more points needed.

For the safety of you and your antenna also be sure your antenna is properly grounded as well.

Field Day 2021 is rapidly approaching and once again our club members will be operating independently from home, mobile or portable stations with a variety of power sources.

I encourage everyone to participate this year and make it a big success.

The ARRL rules can be reviewed at


Until next month please stay well, be safe and always at the ready.



Bill, K4FZE