DXCC Card Check Procedure


1. Amateurs using the ARRL Card-Check procedure for a DXCC or WAS submission must be ARRL Members

2. Go to ARRL.ORG web page, search for DXCC, click the ON-LINE application

3. Click on “ARRL DXCC Application Information” which takes you to the “Step By Step” page (copy attached)

4. Click on “Enter QSLs”- list your QSL card info as required on the sheet. Be sure to keep your QSL cards in the same order as listed on the sheet

5. Follow the Step By Step Instructions once you have the cards on the list

6. Once you Click “Submit Application” payment will be computed and requested by Credit Card.

7. The procedure will allow you to print your application and DXCC Record sheet which must be given to the ARRL QSL Card-Checker along with your QSL Cards for verification. (Example attached) A Stamped envelope addressed to the ARRL DXCC desk (ARRL HQ, DXCC Desk, 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111) must also be given to the Card-Checker who will sign your application and mail it to ARRL.

8. The DXCC desk will match your On-Line submission with the mailed-in (or card checker can scan and e-mail) signed copy after which credit will be shown on your DXCC Awards Credit Listing. A copy of which along with a DXCC Credit receipt will be mailed to the submitter a month or so after verification.

9. The Amateur submitter may also use the Traditional Paper QSL Application process (see DXCC page on Web Site) in lieu of the ON-Line approach and send the application and record sheet listing with QSL cards to ARRL HQ. However, the Card checker can also check cards for this type of application and obviate the need to send the cards to HQ. Note that Cost for this service is $16 plus two-way shipping, (On-line fee is $7.50).

10. A similar process and set of forms is also available on the ARRL Web site for the Worked All States (WAS) award for which the Card-Checker can assist.